3-3.3 Creating, Amending, or Deleting a System of Records

Create, amend, or delete a system of records as follows:

  1. General. Employees or managers must notify the Records Office if they are maintaining information about customers, employees, or other individuals in a system of records that is not authorized. The Records Office manages the process for creating, amending, or deleting an authorized system of records. The Records Office must accomplish the following steps before a program or system can be implemented or amended:
    1. Draft a notice creating or amending a system of records.
    2. Send the notice to the CPO and relevant Postal Service departments for review and approval.
    3. Forward the notice to Congress and the OMB.
    4. Publish the notice in the Federal Register.
  2. Criteria for Amending a System. The manager(s) of a system must notify the Records Office if he or she is planning to make changes to a program or system which requires the authorized system of records to be amended. The following are examples of such changes:
    1. Changing the types of individuals or the scope of the population on whom the records are maintained.
    2. Expanding the types of information maintained.
    3. Altering the purpose for which information is collected.
    4. Altering the manner in which the records are stored or retrieved so as to change the nature or scope of these records (an example is a change from a manual to an automated system).
    5. Changing or adding a routine use (disclosures from the system).
  3. Deleting a System. When a need for maintaining records in a system of records no longer exists, the system manager must consult with the Records Office about deleting the system of records.