4-4.1 Reading Rooms

Information maintained in public and electronic reading rooms.

  1. Public Reading Room. The Postal Service maintains a public reading room in the Postal Service library. The following material is available:
    1. All final opinions and orders made in the adjudication of cases by the judicial officer and administrative law judges.
    2. All final determinations pursuant to the Postal Operations Manual (POM) to close or consolidate a Post Office or to disapprove a proposed closing or consolidation.
    3. All advisory opinions about the private express statutes issued under 39 CFR 310.6.
    4. All bid protest decisions.
    5. Postal Service manuals and publications that affect members of the public.
  2. Electronic Reading Room. The FOIA electronic reading room
    indexes information routinely available to the public, including
    material contained in the public reading room, as well as records previously released under FOIA that have been the subject of
    multiple requests. The electronic reading room may be accessed
    at http:⁄⁄about.usps.com⁄who-we-are⁄foia⁄readroom⁄welcome.htm. The Office
    of Inspector General reading room may be accessed at