Survey — Tell Us Your Thoughts!


Tell Us Your Thoughts!

We hope that you found the Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act handbook to be helpful. Your comments will help us improve future editions. Please take a moment to fill out this survey and let us know what you think. Please mark your responses with an “X”. Thanks!

Legend: E=Excellent VG=Very Good G=Good F=Fair P=Poor NU=Not Used

1.Please indicate your reasons for using the handbook and how you would rate the handbook at providing you with the following information or other information you were seeking:







aTo get general privacy information (e.g., sharing or disclosing information, or customer preferences)







b.To get information about USPS policies regarding privacy

Yes/ No






c.To get information about USPS procedures regarding privacy (including the Privacy Act)







d.To get general Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) information (e.g., how to make or process a FOIA request)








e.To get information about FOIA procedures








f.To get System of Records (SOR) Information








g.Other (specify)








2.What is your overall impression of the handbook?







3.How would you rate the organization of the handbook?







4.How would you rate the usefulness of the exhibits?







5.How would you rate the handbook at providing the information you were seeking?







6.Please rate the following sections:

a.Introduction (pages 1–5)







b.Laws, Guidelines, and Policies (pages 7–26)







c.Privacy Procedures (pages 11–26)







d.Freedom of Information Act Procedures (pages 27–47)







e.System of Records (appendix)







7.How would you rate USPS on its privacy protections?







8.How would you rate your level of comfort in trusting the USPS not to share personal information?







9.Did you use this handbook as a USPS employee, USPS business customer, or USPS residential customer? (Mark all that apply)
- USPS Employee
- Business Customer
- Residential Customer

10.In your opinion, does the handbook contain:
-Too much information
-Just the right amount of information
-Not enough information

11.In your opinion, was the handbook:
-Easy to understand
-Somewhat easy to understand
-Difficult to understand

12.How likely are you to use this handbook again to answer any future questions about:

Very Likely


Not Likely

 Privacy issues




 FOIA informatio




 USPS procedure




13.We would appreciate your suggestions on how to improve this handbook.


Thank you!For more information about USPS privacy policies, visit