3-5 What is Compliance?

Compliance is defined as meeting the requirements set forth in the Section 508 Technical Standards and Functional Performance Criteria. Proposed EIT solutions may fully comply, best meet, or not comply, as defined below:

  1. Fully complies. An EIT product is fully compliant if the text or data it provides is accessible and usable by a person with disabilities in the manner the law requires, and meets the Section 508 EIT Technical Standards and functional performance criteria. Such compliance may or may not be enabled by the use of assistive technology or alternate formats or methods. EIT built by the Postal Service should be fully compliant.
  2. Best meets compliance. Best meets applies only to EIT products that the Postal Service purchases. A product best meets compliance requirements when it does not meet all relevant standards but is the most compliant product available at the time of purchase. In that event, the organization purchasing the product would do the following:
    1. Document the market research used to determine the appropriateness of the product to meet business requirements.
    2. Define the exception(s).
    3. Document that the best overall choice has been made at the present time.
  3. Does not comply. A product does not comply if it cannot achieve compliance as defined by the relevant Section 508 Technical Standards or Functional Performance Criteria.
  4. Note: Upgrades or events may require reevaluation at which time an alternative and more compliant product might be available. See chapter 4 for guidance on how to document an exception or an undue burden.