4-9 Exception Documentation

The purpose of exception documentation is to explain the business needs and to account for compliance of available solutions. For General Exceptions (a rare Postal Service need), documentation will address one of the three valid reasons for such an exception.

For Undue Burden, the exception report will require extensive documentation and will attract the attention of the Department of Justice (see appendix 4–A).

For Specific Exceptions, the reasons for the exception (see section 4-6.2) must be defined fully.

Three other actions must occur:

  1. The documentation must be summarized in the database(s) that track Postal Service compliance (e.g., EIR, ITK, ADEPT, etc.) to facilitate accurate reporting to the Department of Justice on a periodic basis.
  2. An alternate means must be provided to allow people with disabilities to access the functions or information.
  3. A plan must be defined for future reevaluation and eventual full compliance (e.g., newer releases of the software or selection of a more compliant product that provides the same business solution). The plan should specify reevaluation dates.