5-1.2 Summary

5-1.2.1 Technology

The requirements in this chapter cover the following:

Note: For applications that span more than one technical standard, you may need to synchronize general and specific requirements in this chapter with requirements given in other chapters in this handbook. For example, client–server application or application sub–system functionality usually must also comply with the requirements stated in Chapter 6, Web–Based Information and Applications. Software applications that include calls to video or multimedia or that are supersets of software that run on self–contained platforms or in kiosks may require synchronization with other chapters. When software applications are used to create informational output beyond direct interaction with the application itself, (e.g., reports, data files, dynamic forms, or media objects), this output must also be accessible to assistive technology users.

5-1.2.2 Audience

This chapter applies to anyone who buys or develops software applications and operating systems for the Postal Service (i.e., Postal Service employees, suppliers, contractors, and business partners). Software applications and operating systems include information technology solutions of all sorts, consisting of simple or complex purchases or development of software applications, operating systems, and all associated data, information, training material, and documents.