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Completing PS Form 3510


If you intend to mail at additional entry mailing offices other than the original entry office where you file the application, these instructions can assist you. Some of the information provided on the additional entry portion of PS Form 3510 is self-explanatory. You must complete Parts A, C, and D. A copy of PS Form 3510 is shown in Exhibit II.

Part A

Item 1 - Print the full title of the publication. The title must be the same as on PS Form 3500, Part A.

Item 2 - Check the "yes" box only if you have applied for the Centralized Postage Payment (CPP) program (DMM P200) or intend to use the Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS) program (DMM P950). Otherwise, check the "no" box.

Item 3 - Enter your ISSN (if one has been issued) and your USPS number. If you do not have a USPS number yet (this number is provided when PS Form 3500 is approved), leave that line blank.

Item 4 - List the number of issues (same as PS Form 3500, Part A, item 5).

Item 5 - List the frequency of issue (same as PS Form 3500, Part A, item 4).

Item 6 - List the city, state, and ZIP+4 code of the original entry office.

Item 7 - Enter the name and address of the known office of publication (same as PS Form 3500, Part A, item 8).

For additional entry applications, skip Part B and go to Part C on the reverse of the form.

Part B

For reentry, complete the applicable items of Part B - a change to the publication's frequency of issue, number of issues per year, title, location of known office of publication, qualification category, or rates. Note: Complete only the applicable items - you can make one change or multiple changes on one PS Form 3510.

Item 8a - Enter the change in frequency.

Item 8b - Enter the change in the number of issues per year.

Item 8c - Enter the change in the title of the publication.

Item 8d - Enter the change in the location of the known office of publication. (Submit the application to the Post Office that serves the new known office of publication.)

Item 8e - Enter the change in the publication category. You must also provide appropriate documentation, and a Postal Service review of records may be required.

Item 8f - Enter the change in the applicable rates for the publication. You must also provide appropriate evidence when requesting this action.

Item 8g - Enter the requested effective date of the change(s).

Note: You must also complete Part A when applying for these reentry changes.

Part C

You may open one or more additional entries at one time for a single fee. When opening multiple entries, the dates opened must be within an inclusive 30-day period.

Item 9 uses separate columns to capture information.

Item Number - Use the item number column on the extreme left and number each entry sequentially if you are listing more than one additional entry.

Post Office and ZIP Code - Enter the city, state, and ZIP Code of the Post Office where mail will be verified for acceptance. An additional entry is not required for PVDS destination offices. An additional entry is required only for a Post Office where copies of the publication are presented for Postal Service acceptance and verification.

Nature of Action - Check the appropriate box to open, close, or modify the entry information.

Requested Effective Date - Enter the date you wish the entry to be opened. Do not enter a date earlier than the date you filed PS Form 3500.

Estimated Number of Copies - Enter the approximate number of copies for an issue that you will be mailing at this Post Office.

Part D

In items 10 through 12, print your name, sign and date the application, and provide your telephone number.

For pending publications, submit your completed PS Form 3510 (application for additional entry) with your completed PS Form 3500 (application for original entry).