542 Selection, Training, and Preparation of Interviewers

Interviewers are nonbargaining employees nominated by management to conduct interviews with external applicants for bargaining vacancies. Interviewers are trained and certified as described below. It is recommended that certified interviewers are continuously used so they can improve their skills.

Interviewers must have successfully completed the Interviewer Training course 21585-00 within the 12-month period before conducting interviews. New interviewers must be certified by:

  1. Observing an interview conducted by a certified interviewer; and
  2. Being observed conducting an interview by a certified interviewer.

Interviewers must be familiar with the interview process and general interviewing techniques, strategies, and applicable regulatory issues. Interviewers must prepare for each interview by:

  1. Familiarizing themselves with information about the position and the information that is known about the applicant;
  2. Thoroughly reviewing the application for employment; and
  3. Determining what questions to ask the applicant or what information to seek to determine the applicant’s eligibility and suitability.