83 Annual Reports

831 Requirements

831.1 State Licensing Agency Data

At the end of each fiscal year in compliance with the Act, CPM reports the following to the Secretary of Education:

  1. The total number of applications for vending facility locations received from state licensing agencies with the following breakdown:
    1. The number accepted.
    2. The number denied.
    3. The number pending.
  2. The total amount of vending machine income collected in each state.
  3. The amount of vending machine income disbursed to the SLA in each state.

See Exhibit 831.1, Annual Department of Education Report.

831.2 Sources

Required data is acquired as follows:

  1. Every installation head keeps a continuing record of required information.
  2. At the end of each fiscal year, every installation head prepares a summary for the Postal Bulletin in the format prescribed by the vice president, Employee Resource Management.

831.3 Submittal

The annual report on the proceeds of every Postal Service installation having even a single coin-operated vending machine that dispenses snacks, beverages, food, or tobacco is consolidated and submitted as follows:

  1. All installation heads submit final reports to their district HR managers by the end of the third week in October.
  2. Installation heads and HQ field unit managers submit consolidated reports, summarizing the required data by states, to the CPM manager by the end of the second week in November.
  3. The CPM manager consolidates district and HQ field unit reports and submits the annual report to the Secretary of Education.