There are more than 42,000 5-digit ZIP codes in the country.


Want to get your products — and brand — in the hands of the consumers you really want to reach? Try Simple Samples.

This new option will be available from the Postal Service beginning Jan. 27. Simple Samples will reduce
the cost to mail samples and make preparation easier. Mailers have the option of sending individual samples
to every household on a route or targeted to select households.

By simplifying the preparation process and offering tier pricing, USPS is making it easier and more cost effective for manufacturers of consumer goods to use direct mail to increase use of their products, attract
new customers and boost brand awareness.

This new sampling effort builds on the current Sample Showcase co-op boxes offered by the Postal Service. With these boxes, several marketers join efforts to include a variety of product samples in a single shipment. Sample Showcase continues to inspire businesses — including some of the nation’s largest retailers — to try co-op boxes.

To further encourage companies to use the mail, USPS plans to run a Product Samples Promotion in August and September that will give mailers an upfront 5 percent postage discount on qualifying Standard Mail marketing parcels that contain product samples.

The Product Samples Promotion is part of the 2013 Promotions Calendar, which offers mailers a number of incentives for using the mail in their marketing campaigns. For more information on the calendar, see the article on page 13.

POSTNET transition to IMb

The Postal Service is encouraging all mailers using a POSTNET barcode on their business mailings to transition to the Intelligent Mail barcode (IMb) by Jan. 28, 2013, to continue receiving automation prices.

“By starting the transition to the Intelligent Mail barcode now, mailers will continue to benefit from automation prices and will set the foundation to participate in the Full-Service Intelligent Mail option,” says Vice President for Mail Entry and Payment Technology Pritha Mehra. “The full-service option provides mailers with the lowest automation discount price, address correction for full-service mailpieces and visibility into their mailings.”

For assistance transitioning to the IMb, mailers should contact their local business mail entry office or visit the RIBBS website at to learn more about the IMb. Click on Latest News under the Intelligent Mail Service tab to find the most current information on the IMb, POSTNET transition to IMb and the many resources to help mailers guide through the transition.

“We look forward to providing you the information and tools needed to make your transition to the Intelligent Mail barcode successful,” said Mehra.

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