The longest rural delivery route is Route 2 in St. Paul, KS. The carrier travels 187 miles daily and delivers to 173 boxes. Conversely, the shortest rural delivery route is in Veradale, WA. The carrier travels 2 miles daily and delivers to 445 boxes.

Adding visibility

Tag 57 to identify ‘political message mailings’

Mailers can now use the highly visible, red Tag 57 on more types of political mail.

In addition to the previous use for any political campaign mailings by a registered political candidate, campaign committee or a committee of a political party, Tag 57 now also can be used for “political message mailings” from Political Action Committees (PACs), Super-PACs or other organizations engaging in issue advocacy or voter mobilization.

Mail from organizations such as labor unions, religious groups, retiree associations and others that endorse specific candidates or political issues is now considered “political message mailing” for operational purposes and therefore can be identified with Tag 57 for processing.

USPS is making this change to improve internal tracking of political message mail and to ensure that this mail volume receives visibility within the mail stream.

Political Campaign Mailing Label


With the fall mailing season rapidly approaching, the Postal Service is committed to having sufficient mail transport equipment (MTE) available to meet our customers’ needs. More than $120 million dollars has been spent this year to replenish MTE inventories and additional warehouse space has been secured. Mail Transport Equipment warehouse

Mailers also play a role in ensuring that there are sufficient trays, tubs and pallets circulating in the network for use by all. Please order only what you need and never use postal equipment for anything other than mailing. Limit your on-hand inventory of equipment to no more than what is required for one week of your mail production. Over-ordering of just a few pallets of equipment can quickly add up when many others may be doing the same. Together we can control the flow of MTE to make certain everyone receives what they need, when they need it.



You can also help by reporting all unauthorized use of MTE by calling the MTE hotline: 1-866-330-3404.