890 Ergonomics Program

891 Scope

891.1 Authority

The Postal Service complies with applicable federal laws, regulations, and OSHA guidance materials regarding ergonomics.

891.2 Purpose

The Postal Service seeks to continuously improve and sustain safe and healthy working conditions. A proactive ergonomic management effort is an important component to:

  1. Prevent musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and
  2. Reduce or eliminate associated hazards or risk factors that may lead to their development.

An additional benefit of an effective ergonomics program is to optimize human performance and enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

891.3 Safety and Health Integration

The ergonomics program functions as a unit within Safety and OSHA Compliance Programs (SOCP). Notwithstanding, ergonomics utilizes, at a minimum, the established procedures and network of responsible functions and committees referenced in subchapters 810 and 820 to assist in satisfying the ergonomics program’s purpose (891.2) and compliance with national policy and the Occupational Safety and Health Act.

891.4 Ergonomic Compliance Directives

Ergonomic compliance directives will be issued by Postal Service management as necessary in satisfying its program purpose stated in 891.2. Directives will:

  1. Originate at the senior management level with recommendations by SOCP, and
  2. Then be disseminated to area level operations and safety concurrently for appropriate action.