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Table of Contents: 6 Contract Administration

6   Contract Administration

6.1   General

6.1.1   Responsibilities

6.1.1.b   Contracting Officer's Representatives

6.1.1.c   Relationship Between the Postal Service and Supplier Representatives

6.1.2   Contract Administration Functions

6.2   Contract Performance

6.2.1   Postaward Orientation

6.2.2   Record Keeping

6.2.3   Contract Monitoring

6.2.3.a   Personnel

6.2.3.b   Using Suppliers to Monitor Performance

6.2.3.c   Review of Supplier Submittals

6.2.4   Delivery

6.2.5   Right to Adequate Assurance of Performance

6.2.6   Bankruptcy

6.3   Quality Assurance

6.3.1   Inspection and Testing

6.3.1.a   General

6.3.1.b   Nonconforming Supplies or Services

6.3.2   Acceptance

6.3.2.a   General

6.3.2.e   Revocation of Acceptance in Whole or in Part

6.3.2.f   Transfer of Title and Risk of Loss

6.3.3   Receiving Reports

6.3.3.a   General

6.3.3.b   Responsibility

6.4   Payments and Financing

6.4.1   General

6.4.2   Invoices

6.4.3   Payment

6.4.3.c   Interest Payments

6.4.3.d   Calculating Interest

6.4.4   Withholding Payments

6.4.4.b   Actions by the Contracting Officer

6.4.4.c   Disallowing Costs

6.4.4.d   Setoffs and Recoupments

6.4.5   Progress Payments

6.4.5.b   Computing Progress Payments

6.4.5.d   Administration

6.4.6   Limitation of Cost or Funds

6.4.6.a   Administration

6.4.7   Assignment of Claims

6.5   Contract Modifications

6.5.1   General

6.5.1.a   Effective Dates

6.5.1.b   Policy

6.5.1.e   Availability of Funds

6.5.1.f   Exercise of Options

6.5.1.g   Correcting Mistakes

6.5.2   Change Orders

6.5.2.a   General

6.5.2.b   Accounting

6.5.2.c   Administration

6.5.3   Equitable Adjustments for Delays

6.5.3.b   Excusable Delays

6.5.3.c   Compensable Delays

6.5.3.e   Acceleration

6.5.4   Novation and Change-of-Name Agreements

6.5.4.a   Definitions

6.5.4.b   Responsibility

6.5.4.c   Novation Policy

6.6   Postal Service Property

6.6.1   Supplier's Property Control Systems

6.6.2   Records

6.7   Subcontracting Policies and Procedures

6.7.1   General

6.7.1.a   Requirements

6.7.1.b   Considerations

6.7.2   Limitations

6.8   Claims and Disputes

6.8.1   General

6.8.2   Claim Initiation

6.8.3   Decision and Appeal

6.8.3.j   Appeals

6.9   Contract Termination

6.9.1   General

6.9.1.a   Applicability

6.9.1.c   General Principles

6.9.1.d   Termination Notice

6.9.2   Termination for Convenience

6.9.2.a   General

6.9.2.c   Settlement of Subcontractor Claims

6.9.3   Termination for Default

6.9.3.a   General

6.9.3.b   Fixed-Price Contracts

6.9.3.c   Contracts Other than Fixed-Price

6.9.4   Termination on Notice

6.10   Remedies and Damages

6.10.1   Remedies

6.10.1.b   Repurchase Against Supplier's Account

6.10.2   Damages

6.10.2.b   Breach Damages for Accepted Supplies

6.10.2.d   Damages for Nondelivery or Repudiation