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4 Purchasing

4   Purchasing

4.1   Policy

4.2   The Purchasing Process

4.2.1   Planning

4.2.2   Solicitations

4.2.2.g   Availability of Solicitations

4.2.2.h   Preproposal Conference

4.2.2.i   Amendment of Solicitations

4.2.2.k   Disclosure and Use of Information

4.2.3   Receipt of Proposals

4.2.3.c   Late Proposals and Modifications

4.2.4   Oral Presentations

4.2.5   Performance Evaluation

4.2.5.a   General

4.2.5.b   Roles and Responsibilities

4.2.5.c   Discussions

4.2.5.d   Best Value Determinations

4.2.6   Contract Award

4.2.7   Contract Clauses

4.2.8   Notification

4.2.9   Debriefing

4.2.9.d   Content

4.3   Design and Construction Purchasing

4.3.1   General

4.3.2   Architect-Engineer Services

4.3.2.c   Definitions

4.3.2.d   Selection Procedures

4.3.2.e   Discussions

4.3.2.g   Indefinite-Quantity A/E Services Contracts

4.3.3   Construction

4.3.3.a   Purchasing Construction

4.3.3.b   Indefinite-Quantity Construction Contracts

4.3.4   Design-Build Contracting

4.3.4.d   Contract Types

4.3.5   Construction Management Support Services

4.4   Mail Transportation Purchasing

4.4.1   General

4.4.2   Administrative Officials

4.4.3   Contracting Officer's Representative

4.4.3.b   Authority and Limitations

4.4.4   Mailing Lists

4.4.5   Contracts

4.4.5.c   Use of Contracts

4.4.6   Renewal of Contracts

4.4.6.b   Characteristics of Renewal Contracts

4.4.6.c   Renewal Procedures

4.4.7   Extension and Short-Term Renewal of Contracts

4.4.8   Contract Changes

4.4.8.a   General

4.4.8.b   Termination for Convenience

4.4.8.c   Service Changes

4.4.8.d   Exceptional Service

4.4.8.e   Schedule Changes for Highway or Domestic Inland Water Contracts

4.4.8.g   Clauses

4.4.9   Subcontracting

4.4.9.a   Highway or Domestic Inland Water Contracts

4.4.10   Release of Supplier

4.4.11   Service Deficiencies

4.4.12   Death or Incompetence of Supplier

4.4.12.a   Individual

4.4.12.c   Estate Representatives

4.4.13   Eligibility Requirements

4.4.13.b   Service Employees

4.4.13.c   Screening

4.4.13.d   Exceptions

4.4.14   Contract Administration

4.5   Special Categories of Purchases

4.5.1   General

4.5.2   Supplemental Policies and Procedures

4.5.3   Professional/Technical and Consultant Services

4.5.3.c   Professional and Technical Services

4.5.3.d   Consultant Services

4.5.4   Personal Services Contracts

4.5.5   Information Technology

4.5.5.a   Definitions

4.5.5.b   Policy

4.5.5.c   Technological Substitutions and Enhancements

4.5.5.d   Sources

4.5.5.e   Solicitation Provisions

4.5.5.f   Clauses

4.5.6   Research and Development

4.5.6.a   Definitions

4.5.6.b   General Policy

4.5.6.c   Prequalification

4.5.6.d   Solicitations

4.5.6.e   Contract Type

4.5.6.g   Educational Institutions and Nonprofit Organizations

4.5.6.h   Organizational Conflict of Interest

4.5.7   Utility Services

4.5.7.a   Definitions

4.5.7.b   Policy

4.5.8   Structured Contracts and Controlled Contracts

4.5.8.a   Definitions and Examples

4.5.8.b   Policies and Procedures