2-35 (Reserved)

2-36 Evaluate Foreign and Domestic Proposals

Proposals offering other than domestic end products or (subject to the eligibility thresholds set out below in Figure 2.14) end products mined, produced, or manufactured in (i) countries that have entered into WTO GPA or (ii) a country that has entered into a FTA with the U.S. covering government purchases, will be evaluated in one of two ways against proposals of relatively equal value offering domestic end products or eligible WTO GPA or FTA country end products. This evaluation will depend on whether contract award will be based on price or on evaluation factors other than price. When an award will be based on price, a six percent differential is applied to the proposed price of the nonqualifying end product, and this adjusted price is used by the proposal evaluation team and the CO in the course of evaluation. If proposal evaluation factors will have a significant weight in proposal evaluation, domestic and WTO GPA or FTA end products will receive a preference in the case of closely ranked proposals, but no price differential will be applied.