2-39.1 Subcontracting Plans

Plans which specifically address subcontracting with SMWOBs are required for all contracts valued at $1 million or more. Unless formally waived by the CO for urgent and compelling business reasons, or for the reasons discussed in Section 2-21, Define Supplier Diversity Objectives, suppliers must submit the plans with their proposals, and plans must be agreed to before award of the contract (small businesses are exempt from this requirement). Provision 3-1: Notice of Small-, Minority-, and Woman-owned Business Subcontracting Requirements, which discusses the plan requirement and exempts small businesses from the requirement, is incorporated by reference in Provision 4-1: Standard Solicitation Provisions, and must be checked-off by COs for all solicitations for contracts estimated to value $1 million or more, except when an indefinite-delivery contract or ordering agreement will be used and the purchase⁄SCM team determines that requiring a plan would not be feasible.