2-21 Define Supplier Diversity Objectives

The Postal Service’s Supplier Relations Principle aims to establish and maintain a strong, competitive supplier base that reflects the diversity of the supplier community and provides suppliers with access to purchasing opportunities. The Postal Service understands that a diverse supplier base is important from both a performance and public policy standpoint. Supplier diversity translates into conducting business with SMWOBs, as well as other suppliers. The Postal Service strives to be a world-class leader in supplier diversity.

Supplier diversity enables the Postal Service to take full advantage of the entrepreneurial spirit, capabilities, competitive pricing, new processes, products, services, and innovations offered by diverse suppliers. Diverse suppliers are essential to the Postal Service’s continuing objective of being a market-driven organization. Postal Service suppliers are also Postal Service customers, so the value of cultivating a diverse supplier base is good business practice. The Postal Service has established programs and teams to ensure its full commitment to supplier diversity.