1-14 Develop, Issue, and Analyze Responses from RFI

An RFI is an invitation for potential suppliers to register interest in providing a product or service. Potential suppliers submit responses that provide information about their companies and the proposed products or services to be provided to meet the requirement. This process identifies what is in the marketplace and provides an opportunity to prequalify suppliers. Unlike an RFP, an RFI does not imply a commitment to acquire the product or service identified in the RFI from any responding supplier.

An RFI provides the Postal Service with useful information to further assess whether a make decision is feasible and may lead to innovative solutions and a better understanding of how the requirement(s) can be met, fueling the make vs. buy decision. If a buy decision is later chosen, the most suitable potential suppliers identified at this stage are logical sources to fill the requirement.

RFIs can be used to:

The components that make up the RFI process are its development and issuance and analysis of responses to it.