2-33 Perform Risk Analysis on Supplier Proposals

The purpose of risk management is to examine and control relevant risks to ensure successful delivery of the project. During the Evaluate Proposals task of USPS Supplying Practices Process Step 2: Evaluate Sources, due attention must be paid to the risk impact of supplier proposals. This task is part of the larger risk management process and ensures that risks are understood and mitigated to the greatest extent possible.

A risk is a potential event or future situation that may adversely affect the project. Identifiable risk factors contribute to a potential risk. If a risk occurs, there will be consequences that may significantly impact the project. For example:

  • Risk factor — a new technology is being used for the first time.
  • Risk — adoption of the technology is more difficult than anticipated.
  • Consequence — project delivery is delayed.

A risk may be caused by more than one risk factor, and, conversely, a risk factor may result in more than one risk.