7-5 Emergencies

An emergency is any unforeseen combination of circumstances, or the resulting state, that prevents the completion of a task necessary to the Postal Service’s operation. Emergencies also include situations that might interrupt Postal Service operations or damage an asset that is vital to the Postal Service’s operations. Examples of emergencies range from those having significant impact (e.g., catastrophic events such as a natural disaster) to those of a more minor nature (e.g., eBuy servers being down). Depending on the size and scope of the emergency, various responses are appropriate. The Postal Service has developed a range of responses to various types of emergencies. In the SCM area, purchase/SCM teams should either: 1) as part of their purchase planning prepare contingency plans for emergencies or 2) be prepared to effectively respond to an emergency. In addition, portfolio managers should establish a contingency plan so that requirements met by his or her portfolio can continue to be met during an emergency.

Coverage of emergency contracts for mail transportation are addressed in the commodity specific practices.