7-11 Supplier Suspension, Debarment, and Ineligibility

7-11.1 Initiating a Request for a Debarment

The Contracting Officer, the Office of Inspector General (OIG), the Inspection Service, General Counsel, or a representative from any other affected area of the Postal Service that becomes aware of circumstances that may serve as the basis for a suspension and debarment may initiate a request for suspension and debarment to the Vice President, Supply Management (VP, SM) through appropriate channels (e.g., Contracting Officer, relevant manager, General Counsel, or the Suspension and Debarment Coordinator). However, circumstances that involve possible criminal or fraudulent activities must first be reported to the OIG or Inspection Service, as appropriate, for investigative consideration.

A suspension and debarment request should be in the form of a memorandum or e-mail addressed to the VP, SM. The request must identify the party or parties proposed for suspension and debarment, including specifically, where applicable, the identities of corporate officers, agents, affiliates, or others proposed to be included in the requested action. The request must clearly identify and explain the cause or causes for suspension and debarment and it must be accompanied by the following information, as applicable:

An estimate of any damages sustained by the Postal Service as a result of the action or actions of the party or parties proposed for suspension and debarment, including an explanation of the method used in making the estimate.