1-12 Analyze State of Technology

Analyzing the state of technology is the examination of the condition of existing technology in the Postal Service and externally in the market. It determines whether the technology can be leveraged from within or needs to be purchased externally. IT is most relevant to this discussion, but the IT needs of other functional areas are also addressed.

Technology is complex, and a specialized knowledge of technology in the applicable area is required. Selecting the correct technology requires an in-depth understanding of the Postal Service’s business objectives, products, and the probable evolution of technology. The product or solution must be evaluated on its ability to integrate with other internally developed or third-party tools. Whether the technology can be integrated with the current environment, including legacy software, hardware, and operating systems, must be determined before selection.

Analysis of technology is conducted on both the market and the specific need. Once a technology need is identified, the following ordered preference for fulfillment is considered: