Summary of Changes

Permanent Note: On May 1, 2006, the Interim Internal Purchasing Guidelines were replaced by the Postal Service's Supplying Principles and Practices (SPs and Ps).

The SPs and Ps have been updated to reflect the following:

Clause 4-2: Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Policies, Statutes or Executive Orders (July 2009)

Clause 4-2 has been revised to add a section regarding Payment Offsets. This section provides information about the Postal Service’s participation in the Treasury Offset Program of the Department of Treasury’s Financial Management Service.


The SPs and Ps have been enhanced using the Alternate Codification Format. Codification is a system for numbering the chapters, subchapters, parts, and sections of a document. The codified version also provides an added measure of effectiveness in future search and reference capabilities.

The following table is an illustration of the Standard and Alternate Codification Formats:




5 Chapter Name

51 Subchapter Name

511 Part Name

511.1 Section Name

511.11 Section Name

a. Item

b. Item

52 Subchapter Name

521 Part Name

522 Part Name

2 Chapter Name

2–1 Subchapter Name

2–1.1 Part Name

2–1.1.1 Section Name

2– Section Name

2– Section Name

2–2 Subchapter Name

2–3 Subchapter Name

2–3.1 Part Name

2–3.1.1 Section Name

2–3.1.2 Section Name