New Requirements for Conducting Audits and Entering Retail Products into POS ONE

Effective Fiscal Year (FY) 2010, all Post Offices™ receiv­ing retail products for resale in retail lobbies will be required to enter these items into POS ONE upon receipt. Retail products referred to are categorized as mail-related mer­chandise and stamp-imaged merchandise. The purpose behind this strategy is to create an inventory system that will streamline the current ordering process and provide automatic replenishment directly to your office.

The week of September 7th, all POS ONE units are required to perform audits on all remaining photostamp kits and 5 lb. and 10 lb. scales to establish a baseline inventory by following the step-by-step instructions provided here. Negative reports are required.

The audit for September 2009 is due by close of busi­ness Friday 9-11-09. Five existing retail items must be counted and entered into POS ONE.


n 5 lb. Scale — Item Number 23140015

n 10 lb. Scale — Item Number 23140016


n Photostamps Test — Item Number 689076125680

n Photostamps1 — Item Number 689076362757

n Photostamps2 — Item Number 23190307

POS ONE Count/Audit Instructions for All OLRP Items

1. Log on to POS ONE.

2. Select Inventory Options.

3. Select Count Inventory & Cash.

4. Select Start New Count.

5. Select Unit Inventories.

6. Select Retail Products.

7. Select All OLRP Items.

8. Select Counter #1 and Counter #2.

9. Select Continue. The screen will say, “Please wait”, then, “A new count has been successfully initiated”.

10. Select Continue. Note: Two (2) sets of Inventory Count Sheets will automatically print.

11. Select Resume/Finish Selected Count.

12. The entire product list prepopulates on screen.

13. Select Saleable Count. The cursor will move down the page as you enter quantities.

14. Select Continue when the audit is complete.

15. Enter Counter (Individual Remarks) (if any).

16. Select Continue.

17. Select Accept. Note: Cash/Stamp Credit Count Re­port “Count Summary” will automatically print.

18. Select Continue to proceed with exiting POS back office.

Quarterly audits will be required on all retail products beginning in FY 10.

To better manage and track on-hand inventory, guide­lines will require all new retail products (mail-related mer­chandise and stamp-imaged merchandise) be entered in POS ONE on receipt by following the step-by-step instruc­tions provided here.

Entering Inventory Into POS ONE

The stamp stock custodian is responsible for entering inventory. First make sure your office has scanned in the Delivery Confirmation™ number on the shipping carton.

1. Log on to POS ONE.

2. Select Non-retail roles.

3. Select Back office.

4. Select Inventory options.

5. Select Inventory transfers.

6. Select Receive stock.

7. Select Receive shipment not listed.

8. At the look-up menu, scan/enter item number.

9. Select Enter (to create item list).

10. Select Continue (after all item numbers are entered), enter all quantities for each item received.

11. Select Continue.

12. Select Location External Vendor.

13. Enter Shipment Number (this is your order number on the packing slip).

14. At the “Source Location ID”, enter the company who sent you the shipment.

15. If information is all correct, select Accept this ship­ment. (Your screen will say “Received stock from ex­ternal vendor has been successfully completed”.)

16. Select Continue.

17. After entering this invoice (or packing slip informa­tion), print the report from POS ONE back office “Received from External Vendor”.

You have now completed your retail merchandise receiving process.

Standard operating procedures will be forwarded to all retail offices accompanied by a retail stand-up talk explain­ing the benefits of this retail strategy.

Additionally, guidelines for required audits and main­taining inventory of all retail merchandise will be included in the next printing of Handbook PO-209, Retail Operations Handbook.

If you have questions regarding this new requirement, contact Deborah Gyaki, Retail Product Program Manager, via e–mail at