Intelligent Mail and Address Quality

Internet Change of Address — the Best Choice

USPS® no longer displays hardcopy change-of-address (COA) forms at its retail locations. Hardcopy COAs — part of The Mover’s Guide — are only available behind the counter, where customers have to request them from a retail associate. Why the change? The Postal Service™ wants retail associates to encourage customers to use the Internet version instead for these reasons:

It’s Fast

Internet Change of Address (ICOA) is fast. On average, USPS processes 97 percent of all ICOA transactions into the change-of-address system within 2 days after they’re filed. In Fiscal Year 2009, customers entered their changes of address sooner using ICOA than they did using hard­copy forms — with 60 percent entered on or before the day the customer moved, compared to only 20 percent for hardcopy forms. The sooner USPS knows about the cus­tomer’s move, the sooner it can begin forwarding the cus­tomer’s mail.

It’s Accurate

ICOA also is a more accurate option. There’s no chance of error due to illegible handwriting. The higher degree of accuracy means reduced undeliverable-as-addressed mail volume and lower cost.

It’s Secure

Equally important, ICOA is a more secure option. USPS requires online customers to use a personal credit card or debit card for identity verification.

It’s Green

And it’s green. ICOA eliminates the use of paper, thus preserving our natural resources.

It’s Economical

This year, the Postal Service expects the ICOA share of all COA orders to increase more than 25 percent, generat­ing about $2 million in incremental revenue.

So the next time you speak with a customer about fil­ing a COA, suggest the online option at