Supply Management

Material Service Centers Transitioned Into Asset Accountability Service Centers

The Material Service Centers (MSCs) have transitioned into Asset Accountability Service Centers (AASCs) and all will now be either domiciled with or located near area offices. For further information, see the websites or call the contact numbers of the asset accountability inventory con­trol specialists for each area below.

Windsor Asset Accountability Service Centers:

n Capital Metro Area Washington, DC: 202-636-2123

n Northeast Area — Windsor, CT: 860-285-7326

Chicago Asset Accountability Service Centers:

n Eastern Area — Pittsburgh, PA: 412-494-2625

n Great Lakes Area — Carol Stream, IL: 630-260-5623

Memphis Asset Accountability Service Centers: Southwest Area — Dallas, TX: 214-819-7120

n Southeast Area — Memphis, TN: 901-747-7522

*Denver Asset Accountability Service Centers:

n Western Area — Denver (Aurora), CO: 303-743-1304

n Pacific Area — San Diego, CA: 858-674-2607

*The San Francisco MSC will be closing by May 4, 2010, and material management services will be provided by the Denver AASC.

The AASCs are now open at all service locations, with inventory control specialists providing the following ser­vices for asset accountability needs in the areas of Inven­tory Optimization and Management and Support and Guidance:

Inventory Optimization and Management

n Monitor and analyze inventory data to make recom­mendations for process improvements designed to reduce inventory costs.

n Develop processes and procedures to ensure inven­tory accuracy and accountability.

n Conduct audits to verify compliance with policies and procedures.

n Oversee the semi-annual capital property records review process.

n Establish redistribution and disposition policies and practices to protect the best interests of the Postal Service™.

n Coordinate local and national investment recovery initiatives.

Support and Guidance

n Support the implementation of new asset manage­ment technologies and system solutions.

n Develop training and policies concerning the control and disposition of assets.

n Provide training and guidance on inventory control and the disposition of assets.

Contact National Materials Customer Service, 800-332-0317 option 4, option 4, for bill of lading requests and excess equipment inquiries.