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Paper Payroll Savings Bond Program To Be Discontinued; Electronic Payroll Savings Available Through TreasuryDirect

The United States Department of the Treasury (Trea­sury) has announced that it will stop issuing paper savings bonds through federal agency, including USPS®, savings plans as of September 30, 2010.

The Treasury currently offers TreasuryDirect, a secured web-based system to invest in savings bonds and other Treasury securities. It allows you a convenient way to pur­chase, manage, and redeem electronic (paperless) savings bonds along with Treasury marketable securities (bills, notes, bonds, and TIPS) online 24/7.

If you want to purchase Treasury securities through a payroll deduction, you will need to first establish a Trea­suryDirect account and then establish an allotment via PostalEase. In order to complete Treasury’s online applica­tion, you will need the following items on hand:

n Your Social Security number (taxpayer identification number).

n Your driver’s license number or state ID and expira­tion date.

n Your bank or credit union routing number and account number of the checking or savings account you would like to use.

n A valid e-mail address.

n A web browser that supports Treasury’s technical requirements.

Once established, you will be provided bank account infor­mation that you will need to create an allotment (subject to maximum allotment restrictions) through PostalEase.

You can learn more and apply for a TreasuryDirect account at