Revised Financial Aid Guide

FY 2010 Financial Aid Guide graphic

The Financial Aid Guide has been revised with the latest key field controls required to comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).

SOX compliance relies on employees maintaining inter­nal controls over our financial reporting. The Financial Aid Guide provides a list of key financial controls that must be performed at Post Office™ facilities, plants, business mail entry units, and detached mail units. Also included are ref­erences to the USPS® policies and procedures relevant to each key financial activity.

Key controls listed in the Financial Aid Guide cover the following major field activities:

n Financial Reporting and Reconciliation.

n Voyager and SmartPay Cards.

n Management of Stocks and Supplies.

n Business Mail.

n Plant-Verified Drop Shipment (PVDS) Destination.

The Financial Aid Guide can be found on the SOX web­site at http://sox.

To help ensure that these key controls are maintained as required, you can find flyers for each control on the SOX website. Each flyer serves as a reminder to staff of their responsibility to perform the procedure described. Post the control flyers relevant to your facility and business activities in appropriate locations to reinforce these key financial controls. These flyers are available for print at http://sox.

Remember, YOU are the key to SOX compliance!