Quarter 1 Philatelic Products for Sale in Retail

In mid-October, participating Post Office™ locations will receive a shipment of new philatelic products to display and sell during Quarter 1, Fiscal Year (FY) 11. Upon receipt, offices must assign these products as part of their Retail Floor Stock in POS ONE in order to enable the Inventory Replenishment System (IRS) that monitors and replenishes products as they are sold. Failure to do so will result in unwanted product replenishment and unit accountability inflation. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) for philatelic product accep­tance are posted on the Retail website on Blue at To access the SOPs, click Receiving Philatelic Product on the right side of the page under “Standard Operating Proce­dures.”

The following philatelic products should be displayed on the Featured Items section of slatwall in participating postal lobbies during Quarter 1, FY 11:


Item Number

Philatelic Products for Display in Retail in Quarter 1



Sunday Funnies Cancellation Keepsake (new)



Holiday Evergreen Cancellation Keepsake (new)



Holiday Evergreen Notecard Set (new)



Adopt a Shelter Pet Notecards (remains on display)



Adopt a Shelter Pet Dog Diary (remains on display)



Adopt a Shelter Pet Cat Diary (remains on display)



2010 Stamp Yearbook (new, shipped separately in October for display throughout the year)



The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps, 37th Edition (new, shipped separately with yearbook in early October for display throughout the year)


Note: The Adopt a Shelter Pet notecards and diaries from Quarters 3 and 4 (FY 10) will remain on display in Quarter 1 (FY 11) (along with the new products provided in the Octo­ber shipment) and should be featured as the “Consumer Products of the Month” for October. This means that employees who conduct retail transactions should make customers aware of these products and their features to maximize opportunities to generate revenue. In keeping with the Retail Customer Experience Program (Question 12), do not substitute one of the “Consumer Products of the Month” for any of the required additional products (stamps, mailing/shipping supplies, PO Box rentals, and money orders) that must be offered.

To view a copy of the Quarter 1 planogram showing the proper placement of these philatelic products on the Fea­tured Items slatwall, refer to the Retail website on Blue at the URL above, and under “Planograms,” click Quarter 1 Featured Product.

The following products should be removed from display in Quarter 1:


Item Number

Philatelic Products to be Removed From Display in Quarter 1


Negro Leagues Baseball Folio


Pansies in a Basket Cancellation Keepsake


Katharine Hepburn Cancellation Keepsake


Cowboys of the Silver Screen Post Cards (new)


2009 Stamp Yearbook


The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps, 36th Edition

Philatelic products removed from display, especially the 2009 Stamp Yearbook, may still be sold in retail until they are officially removed from sale as announced in periodic Postal Bulletin Philately articles. Instructions for handling The Postal Service Guide to U.S Stamps 36th Edition were published in Postal Bulletin 22294 (9-23-10, page 54).