November Consumer Product of the Month: Photostamps and ReadyPost Tape

For the month of November, Consumer Products is fea­turing Photostamps Kits and ReadyPost tape for the Prod­uct of the Month initiative. Clear ReadyPost tape is the highest revenue-generating item in the ReadyPost product line and sells particularly well as customers prepare for the upcoming holiday season. Extra quantities of clear tape were shipped to all offices receiving a holiday product push order. Offices should keep a supply of tape behind the counter and offer tape to customers as an additional pur­chase.

Offices with the “old” Photostamp Kits that sell for $19.99 (Item Numbers 23190307, 689076362757, and 689076125680) should push these items during November. These $19.99 kits are like the newer Photostamp Kits selling for $24.99 because they both provide the customer with twenty $0.44 photo postage indicia labels. Both the older kits and the newer kits are a great pre-holiday sales oppor­tunity as customers prepare their holiday letter mailings.

Remember: Photostamp Kits and ReadyPost Tape cannot be used as a substitute for offering additional products (Q12) under the Retail Customer Experience Program.

Clerk sell sheets are posted on the Retail Product website,; under “Product of the Month” on the right side, click Novem­ber Sales Tips.