Correction: PS Form 3369-P Is Replaced by PS Form 3369

The article titled “Publication 223 Revision: Directives and Forms Update” in Postal Bulletin 22296 (10-21-10, page 17) stated that PS Form 3369-P, Consigned Credit Receipt (edition date 1/01), is obsolete and is not replaced by anything.

However, although still obsolete, PS Form 3369-P is replaced by PS 3369, Consigned Credit Receipt. The current edition of PS Form 3369 is August 2010. PS Form 3369 is avail­able from the Material Distribution Center and is posted on the internal Forms website at

Information on how to order directives and forms is available in chapter 1 of Publication 223, Directives and Forms Catalog. Publication 223 is available on the Internet at