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Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, News: Distribution Increased to Four Times per Year

Effective January 1, 2011, distribution of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, increased from three to four times per year.

Distribution dates will now follow a calendar year quar­terly schedule:

1. December (for January–March use).

2. March (for April–June use).

3. June (for July–September use).

4. September (for October–December use).

The January 2011 issue of Publication 75, Mover’s Guide, has been shipped to all Post Office™ facilities. Please recycle all expired versions.

Mover’s Guide Information

n Offices will receive copies of Mover’s Guide in one or two shipments. The first shipments arrived in mid-December. The second shipments will arrive 3 to 5 weeks later. Shipments are sent in quantities of 25, 100, and 300.

n Your facility may receive copies of Mover’s Guide addressed to other offices. Check the labels and for­ward the guides as necessary. Remember to scan delivery confirmations affixed to each box.

Behind the Counter Program

The Behind the Counter Program is here to stay! Below are a few points about program compliance:

n Mover’s Guide copies must be kept behind the counter. No copies should be placed in the inner or outer lobby or on the clerk counters.

n Retail associates should encourage their customers requesting change-of-address information to go online to Internet change-of-address (ICOA) transactions provide customers with the most convenient, safe, and secure way to change their address. Furthermore, it reduces processing time, improves address accuracy, and generates sig­nificant revenue for the Postal Service™.

n Advise customers to take an ICOA message card to reinforce the online change-of-address message.

n Customers unwilling or unable to submit their change of address at should be given a com­plete, unopened copy of Mover’s Guide.

Note: The Mover’s Guide Behind the Counter Program is part of the ad-hoc section of the 2010 Retail Customer Experience Program, so it is critical that your Post Office be compliant with the program through the year by keeping Mover’s Guide copies out of Post Office lobbies.

ICOA Message Card Information

n If your Post Office has an ICOA message card dis­play, do not throw it away. Expect to receive message card replenishment boxes labeled with red text with your Mover’s Guide shipments. Inside you will find more ICOA message cards and an updated banner for your display.

n If your Post Office does not have an ICOA message card display, you must call the replenishment phone number at 800-816-6837 for ICOA message card replenishment.

n If any Post Office runs out of ICOA message cards between shipments, call 800-816-6837 for replenish­ment.

n All Post Offices must have ICOA message cards in their lobbies for customer reference.

Inventory Management Resources: Mover’s Guide and ICOA Message Card

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Businesses and organizations must purchase the Mover’s Guide and can obtain order forms by calling Imag­itas at 800-816-6837.