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What’s New in eBuy2? A Greener Choice … Excess Items Catalog

The Excess Items Catalog (EIC) in eBuy2 is a one-stop shop for obtaining and posting excess equipment and sup­plies. Not only is the EIC a priority source for satisfying day-to-day operational needs, but using the EIC is a greener choice because it promotes reuse, reduces waste, and saves the Postal Service™ money.

The EIC is also a terrific way to get supplies or equip­ment at little or no cost. There are only two situations where costs will be associated with items obtained from the EIC:

1. When capital equipment is transferred to another fa­cility, a completed PS Form 7340, Property Transfer Request, must be submitted to the supporting Asset Accountability Service Center (AASC) (see link under “Helpful Links”) for processing. If the capital equip­ment has an undepreciated balance, the remaining depreciation is assumed by the gaining activity.

2. If equipment cannot be shipped using postal trans­portation, the site requesting activity should contact the site shipping activity or the AASC to coordinate the shipment method and approve the payment of transportation services, if required.

Posting excess items to the EIC is easy:

n Log into eBuy2.

n Select the Excess Items tab at the top.

n From the left menu, click Submit New Item.

n Complete the Submit Excess Item Listing form.

n Click Submit Item.

Obtaining items from the EIC is just as simple:

n Log into eBuy2.

n Select the My ProcureIT tab at the top.

n Click Search.

n Select Browse Supplier.

n Click Excess Items from the supplier listing, and all EIC items will appear. From here you can refine your search to specific items or just page through. Procur­ing an excess item through EIC is as simple as order­ing any other on-catalog item in eBuy2.

So, next time you need to make a purchase, make the EIC your first stop. And if you have excess equipment or supplies that are taking up space on your dock, in your office, or on the workroom floor, make a greener choice by adding them to the EIC!

Helpful Links

Your area AASC is always available to assist you. To locate your specific AASC and contact an inventory control specialist, go to

Step-by-step instruction videos and instructional guides are available at (near the bottom of the page).

Login to eBuy2 http://ebuy2/. All users must request access, and managers must approve or revoke access to eBuy2 via eAccess.