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Important Postal Voyager Fleet Card Updates

Ongoing Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) remediation teams are still discovering that vehicle offices are not correctly complet­ing required reconciliation activities. Specifically, teams con­tinue to find that managers are certifying reconciliations without proper receipts and that managers are not investigat­ing potential duplicate, incorrect, or fraudulent transactions.

Therefore, the following changes will be implemented effective April 4, 2011.

1. To limit the Postal Service’s™ liability from these rec­onciliation gaps:

a. The number of transactions permitted for an indi­vidual card will be limited to three transactions daily, with a daily transaction limit of $300.00. A monthly transaction limit per individual vehicle card will be limited to $1,000.00.

b. The number of transactions permitted for a single PIN will be limited to three transactions daily with a daily transaction limit of $300.00. A monthly trans­action limit per PIN will be limited to $1,000.00.

c. Minor vehicle repairs charged to an individual vehi­cle are included in the above limits. Repairs over $300.00 will require the use of the office’s “Z” card. Transaction limits and PIN transactions associated with the use of an office’s “Z” card will be set by the servicing vehicle maintenance facility (VMF) man­ager based on operational requirements.

The site’s servicing VMF manager will still retain the capability of changing the limits for a particular card or PIN.

2. Voyager has started procedures to print postal vehi­cle numbers on receipts obtained from fuel purchas­es using the Voyager Postal Fleet Card. Starting in April, this will be accomplished via a rolling imple­mentation as new cards are issued to each postal area during the remainder of fiscal year 2011. All cards are expected to be converted by December 2011. Until this is effective in your area, continue to annotate vehicle numbers on all of your receipts.

3. The eFleet Card System (Fuel Asset Management System (FAMS)-eFleet) allows postmasters and local site managers to accomplish the required monitoring and transaction validation. This system also high­lights potentially questionable transactions as ex­ceptions and allows reconcilers to add comments systematically to individual transactions. Effective April 4, 2011, comments documenting examination results in FAMS for all high risk (red colored) transac­tions are mandatory in each appropriate transac­tion’s comment box.

4. Comments documenting examination results in FAMS for all high risk (red colored) transactions are mandatory in each appropriate transaction’s com­ment box.

5. SOX reconciliation failures result from key controls not being followed. Please ensure that reconcilers are not only reviewing the invoice report in FAMS, but are also ensuring they have receipts for all transac­tions and are attaching the receipts to the invoice re­port. Additionally, receipts should be reviewed to ensure that no unauthorized items are purchased.

6. All PINs must have a postal employee’s name and must have a finance number associated with them otherwise they will be cancelled. Those with no name or a name or no finance number associated with a PIN will be deleted.

Training on current procedures for all reconcilers is available at

eFleet webinars are currently being planned to clarify these changes, and the schedule and recordings of the ses­sions will be available/posted on the Voyager Postal Fleet Card webpage at when they are completed.

Additionally, training is being replatformed into the Learning Management System (LMS), and after that occurs, all current users of eFleet must retake the training. We expect the training to be replatformed into the LMS in May and we will be advising via Postal Bulletin articles when the training is available in the LMS.

Direct any questions to Kimya Moore at 202-268-8525 or Donald Perrin at 202-268-2110.

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