Supply Management

eBuy2 Trash Suppliers for Payment Request Module

The list of approved, noncontractual trash collection ser­vice companies available for use within the eBuy2 Payment Request module is being expanded. This means, effective immediately, you can use eBuy2 to quickly and efficiently pay for all noncontractual local trash collection services. Until now, only government agency (i.e., municipal, county, etc.) trash collection services and qualified utility companies were eligible to be added to the eBuy2 Payment Request module. Other trash collection services had to be paid using the Purchase Card or by completing PS Form 8230, Autho­rization for Payment, and submitting it to the USPS® Scan­ning & Imaging Center. Once your local trash collection company is available in eBuy2, you must have eBuy2 access and will be required to use the eBuy2 Payment Request module to process all future payments.

To check to see if your local trash collection supplier is already available in the eBuy2 Payment Request module, go to; under “eBuy2 Training,” click Word Document for “eBuy2 Utility Bill Payment Request Guide,” and see page 6.

In order to register your noncontractual trash collection company in the SM-APEX Supplier Database, submit a completed “SM-ASC Supplier Maintenance Form for eBuy2 Payment Requests”, available at the bottom of the above referenced eBuy2 Welcome webpage. Sign the cer­tification at the bottom of the form, which states “The trash collection company is performing trash collection services, and to the best of my knowledge, no one employed by the USPS also is employed by, has a business relationship with or a family member employed by the subject trash collec­tion company.” Then scan and send the certification form along with a recent invoice to the “Check Request Module Supplier Maintenance” e-mail box. You may also fax the form and invoice to 650-578-3257. Once approved and processed by the San Mateo Accounting Service Center (SMASC), your trash collection supplier will be added to, and accessible in, the eBuy2 Payment Request module. Access to eBuy2 is required before submitting your “eBuy2 Payment Request Supplier Maintenance Form.”

Trash collection services covered under a Category Management Center (CMC) contract award are not included under this expansion. Contact Scott Theriault at 860-285-7163 for answers to questions about whether or not your trash removal service is, or should be, under a CMC contract.

If you are currently paying your trash collection supplier using your Purchase Card under automatic, regularly sched­uled payments, cancel the auto-pay process before switch­ing over to paying your noncontractual trash collection service bills using the eBuy2 Payment Request module.

For “How To” help regarding eBuy2 processes, includ­ing how to request payment for utilities and/or noncontrac­tual trash collection services via the eBuy2 Payment Request module, go to; click and refer to the eBuy2 Training and Information sections near the bottom of the webpage.

For answers to your questions related to the status of your request to qualify a trash collection supplier for eBuy2, contact the Accounting Help Desk at 866-974-2733.

Note: Allow 1 week from the time of submission for the supplier to be available in the eBuy2 Payment Request module.