Standup Talk — Delivering a Positive Customer Experience

All of us take pride in giving our customers the quality of service they expect and deserve. Whether it’s being cour­teous on the phone, or being friendly and smiling when we greet them, how we treat our customers helps make sure their experience with the Postal Service remains positive.

Today, we’re going to talk about “Delivery Done Right” our obligation to make sure the mail is delivered to the cor­rect address with proper service.

Customers tell us that “mail delivered to the correct address” is their single most important issue. And yet, mis­delivery is the most frequent complaint that USPS receives. How many of you have heard a customer who has just received misdelivered mail say “If I’m getting other peo­ple’s mail, then where’s my mail going?” This is a logical and reasonable question.

Identity theft is one of America’s fastest growing crimes. Although identity theft involving the mail accounts for a very small portion of these crimes, our customers are more concerned than ever with the protection of their privacy and their personal information.

We must make proper attempts to deliver parcels and services to our customers. We must accurately scan and obtain signatures when required. Every mailpiece we touch and the services we provide are important to our custom­ers. Maybe it’s a contract for a new home, a health insur­ance payment, or medicine for critical health needs.

All of us have the very important responsibility to pro­vide a final check of our customers’ mail before they receive it. Make every proper attempt, including going to the door when appropriate, to make sure each mailpiece and package is safely and accurately delivered.

When you deliver the mail correctly, customers have more confidence in us. And their overall experience with the Postal Service is more positive.

Let’s strive to process and deliver each and every article accurately.

Thank you.

Delivery Done Right Poster

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