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United States Postal Service Notecard Sets — Convenient, Coordinated, and Customizable

United States Postal Service® notecard sets are a gor­geous way to express yourself, keep in touch, and cele­brate the subjects of popular commemorative U.S. postage stamps. Three sets that are currently available include the Bonsai, Cherry Blossoms, and Twentieth-Century Poets notecards.

The Bonsai set (item #688094) includes ten notecards with matching envelopes and ten Forever® Bonsai stamps that feature handsome depictions of a “bonsai” or “plant in a pot.” The Cherry Blossom Centennial set (Item #468294) contains eight cards bearing letterpress designs with eye-catching envelopes. The eight Cherry Blossom Centennial Forever stamps included commemorate the 100-year anni­versary of the city of Tokyo’s gift of 3,020 cherry trees to the city of Washington, D.C. The Twentieth-Century Poets Limited Edition set (Item #468894) boasts ten cards that feature beautiful poetic lines and evocative illustrations packaged with matching envelopes and Twentieth-Century Poets Forever stamps that honor ten great literary masters.

All the sets are convenient since they include everything you need to get your message in the mail. And, the note­cards, envelopes, and stamps are all coordinated to make your message all the more compelling. Finally, the inside panels of the cards are purposely left blank so you can cus­tomize your message to fit any occasion.

These attractive notecard sets can be purchased online at, by calling 800-STAMP-24, or by fax or mail via the USA Philatelic Catalog. The Cherry Blos­soms and Bonsai notecard sets are also available at select Post Office™ locations.