Supply Management

FAMS eFleet Updated Reconciliation Process

Reconciliation Exception Report

Effective March 25, 2013, a new Reconciliation Exception report is available within the Fuel Asset Management System (FAMS). This report displays only transactions that are regarded as “high-risk”. High-risk transactions have the greatest probability of being generated by fraud or abuse, and are displayed as red transactions within FAMS. Transactions that are not considered high-risk will not be displayed in this report. To access this report, go to the FAMS home page at http://fams. After you sign in, select eFleet, then select a business area or finance number from the Finance View. After selecting a fiscal year and month, click on the Reconciliation Exception Report icon. Report features include:

n Display of only high-risk transactions.

n Tracking of self-reconciled transactions.

n Tracking of the individual performing the reconciliation for each transaction.

n Enhanced comment entry functionality.

The site manager is henceforth required to reconcile only high-risk transactions within the new Reconciliation Exception report. Reconciliation through the Invoice, Fuel Details, Motor Oil Details, Repair Details, Washing Details, or Other Details reports will no longer be possible.

Site managers who “self-reconcile” (i.e. reconcile transactions where the driver name and the site manager name is the same) are required to enter a second comment explaining their rationale for reconciling their own transactions.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) field audit teams will continue to review discrepancies through regular, unscheduled site visits and via a SOX scorecard report that is currently sent to district and area managers. Site managers are still required to maintain receipts for all transactions (i.e. regular and high-risk transactions) for a period of 2 years from the date of the transactions in the event of an audit or investigation.

Reconciliation Statistics Report

A new Reconciliation Statistics report is available to display the percentage of the transactions that have been reconciled for each district. The report will be updated on a weekly basis, and accessible directly from the FAMS home page. The user is not required to login to access the report. To access this report, go to the FAMS home page at http://fams. Click on the Reconciliation Statistics link on the right-side of the page.

Updated Reconciliation Instruction

Updated instructions detailing the new reconciliation process are available in the FAMS Reconciliation User Guide at
. If you have questions, contact Derek Session at 202-268-2331 or Donald Perrin at 202-268-2110.