Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates


DMM Revision: Qualified Business Reply Mail — Revised PS Form 6805

Effective May 5, 2014, the Postal Service™ will revise Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®) 505.1.0 to expand the use of PS Form 6805, Qualified Business Reply Mail™ (QBRM) Application, to include Business Reply Mail® (BRM) ZIP+4® Code assignments and validations.

The Postal Service has revised and renamed PS Form 6805, BRM/QBRM Application For ZIP+4 Code Assignment/Validation and QBRM Approval, to reflect its use beyond QBRM approvals. These enhancements will enable the Postal Service and our BRM customers to maintain information for BRM ZIP+4 Code assignments, QBRM approvals, and other BRM-related information on a single and easy to use document.

Although these revisions will not be published in the DMM until May 5, 2014, mailers may begin using this revised form (available at http://pe.usps.com/) and follow the revised mailing standards immediately.

Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)

* * * * * 

500 Additional Mailing Services

* * * * * 

505 Return Services

* * * * * 

1.0 Business Reply Mail (BRM)

1.1 Business Reply Mail (BRM) Prices and Fees

* * * * * 

1.3 Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) Basic Standards

1.3.1 Description

Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) is First-Class Mail that:

* * * * * 

[Revise the second sentence of 1.3.1d to read as follows:]

d. ***During the authorization process, a proper ZIP+4 Code is assigned to the mailer (under 1.3.2) for each price category of QBRM to be returned under the system (one for card priced pieces, one for letter-size pieces weighing 1 ounce or less, and one for letter-size pieces weighing over 1 ounce up to and including 2 ounces).

[Revise the text of 1.3.1e to read as follows:]

e. Bears the proper ZIP+4 Code, assigned by USPS for the appropriate price category, in the address of each piece. The ZIP+4 Codes assigned for this program must be used only on the organization's appropriate QBRM pieces.

[Revise the first sentence of 1.3.1f to read as follows:]

f. Bears the correct Intelligent Mail barcode that corresponds to the unique ZIP+4 Code in the address on each piece distributed.***

* * * * * 

1.3.2 Authorization

[Revise the second sentence of 1.3.2 to read as follows:]

***USPS assigns to the mailer a proper BRM ZIP+4 Code, as applicable, and reviews Form 6805 and preproduction samples provided by the mailer for compliance with relevant standards.***

* * * * * 

1.8 Format Elements

* * * * * 

[Revise the text of 1.8.6 to read as follows.]

1.8.6 Delivery Address

The complete address (including the permit holder’s name, delivery address, city, state, and USPS assigned proper BRM ZIP Code) must be printed directly on the piece, except as allowed under 1.7.5 or under item a below, subject to these conditions:

* * * * * 

[Revise the first sentence of 1.8.6d to read as follows:]

d. A unique ZIP Code (i.e., firm ZIP Code) must not be used for BRM unless the ZIP Code has been assigned specifically for BRM (see Form 6805).***

* * * * * 

Forms Glossary

The Forms Glossary lists all of the forms and postage statements referenced in the DMM.***

[Revise the Forms Glossary chart as follows:]





BRM/QBRM Application — For ZIP+4 Code Assignment/Validation and QBRM Approval

* * * * * 

We will incorporate these revisions into the April 2014 update of the online DMM, which is available via Postal Explorer® at http://pe.usps.com.