Stamps by Mail — Brochure Ordering Information

This article publishes the Stamps by Mail® (SBM) print run cutoff schedule for fiscal year (FY) 2014. Each date has a designation whether it is for the year-round (YR) brochure or the holiday (HOL) brochure. The FY 2014 print cycle cut-off dates are as follows:

n August 8, 2014 (HOL)

The cost per unit of 500 is $12.50. This cost includes overprinting the address of the fulfillment office placing the order. Cyril-Scott Company must receive orders placed by mail by close of business the day of the print run cut-off date listed here. Orders received after the cut-off date will be processed the next print run date.

Use eBuy2 to order Stamps by Mail brochures. These approved eBuy2 orders must be received by Supply Man­agement at least 10 days prior to a published run cut-off date to be included in that run. From June 15–30, eBuy2 will have a blackout for ordering the Stamps by Mail bro­chure. We are converting the system over to the new 2014 Holiday (HOL) brochure.

Cyril-Scott Company will deliver orders within 35 calendar days after printing. Printing begins 1 week after the deadline date, and actual receipt of the order will depend on the ultimate destination and the corresponding delivery service standard.