PS Form 17-G Revision: Federal Agency Stamp Orders

Effective August 1, 2014, federal agencies using the Official Mail Accounting System (OMAS) will now order stamps through our Stamp Fulfillment Services (SFS) group in Kansas City. The revised PS Form 17-G, Official Mail Stamp Requisition, has a new fax number and new email addresses for placing orders and contacting customer service. Federal agencies must obtain approval from their agency mail manager before placing an order for stamps. Orders processed using PS Form 17-G will be reflected on the agency’s monthly OMAS report.

Revised PS Form 17-G is available at For any questions about additional denominated stamps not included on PS Form 17-G, please contact the Kansas City SFS at For general OMAS questions, please email

Revised PS Form 17-G is also available on the Postal Service PolicyNet website:

n Go to

n Under “Essential Links” in the left-hand column, click PolicyNet.

n Click Forms.

The direct URL for the Postal Service PolicyNet website is

PS Form 17-G, Official Mail Stamp Requisition

PS Form 17-G, Official Mail Stamp Requisition


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