Supply Management

Mail Recovery Center Search Process

The Mail Recovery Center’s (MRC) new Search and Inventory System was implemented on January 31, 2015, and is available for field sites to enter search information for damaged or lost mailpieces.

The automated MRC Search and Inventory System will allow employees to use a link on the MyPO main page, the Mail Recovery Center link on the Consumer and Industry Affairs webpage, and the Mail Recovery Center webpage to input search information for a customer. The most important difference is that once the employee submits the web-based search form, it will automatically search the inventory database at the MRC to try to find the item. This will eliminate the necessity for field personnel filling out and sending hard copy search documents to the MRC. Not only will the automated system search for the item immediately, it will continue to search for new entries in the MRC data­base until the mailpiece’s retention period expires.

Periodically, the system will notify the customer, either by letter or email, of the status of the search. It will also let the customer know if we were able to find the item. If the item did not have a tracking number on it when the MRC received it, the MRC will apply a new tracking number when it is mailed back to the customer. Customers will be notified when a search is unsuccessful or the search reached the end of the retention period.

Eventually, the MRC will have a link on so that customers may complete the electronic search form from their home or office. This enhancement will have the same features as mentioned above.

Soon after the transition to the new system is complete, the two MRC email addresses used historically to submit manual search requests for customers will be closed to ensure all search requests are submitted electronically in the MRC Search and Inventory System.