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2016 Holiday Philatelic Products

In addition to the holiday-themed stamps available that add festive luster to your envelopes, here are some timely philatelic products that can provide some additional joy and convenience:

Enjoy this assortment of Holiday Notecards. All cards are blank on the inside, which allows you to personalize your message. Each card has a unique message on the back that tells the story of the stamp art. Each of these holiday-themed 4.5 x 6.25-inch sets include 10 cards, 10 envelopes, and 20 Forever® stamps.

Nativity Notecards set

Nativity Notecards (Set of 10)
Item 681266

Madonna Mother Notecards set

Florentine Madonna and Child Notecards (Set of 10)
Item 681366

Hanukkah Notecards set

Hanukkah Notecards (Set of 10)
Item 559966

Kwanzaa Notecards set

Kwanzaa Notecards (Set of 10)
Item 556666

Diwali Notecards set

Diwali Notecards (Set of 10)
Item 588866

Each of these winter-themed 4.5 x 6.25-inch sets include 12 cards, 12 envelopes, and 20 Forever stamps.

Songbirds in Snow Notecards set

Songbirds in Snow Notecards (Set of 12)
Item 661166

Holiday Windows Notecards set

Holiday Windows Notecards (Set of 12)
Item 681566

Digital Prooducts


The U.S. Postal Service® has new digital products that make perfect holiday gifts. This breakthrough into digital philately brings a much needed enhancement to the hobby. Of course, nothing will replace the physical nature of stamp collecting, but the eGuide to U.S. Stamps, and USPS® StampApp provide collectors with the ability to examine their collections at shows and auctions, anytime and anywhere!

World Stamp Show Portfolio spiral

World Stamp Show Portfolio spiral lay-flat

World Stamp Show Portfolio spiral lay-flat (2)

Order the World Stamp Show Portfolio for your collection or to give as the perfect gift for all ages. Available today on; $90.75, Item 586974.

A beautiful 20-page soft cover book commemorates the World Stamp Show event, and all of the stamps issued over the course of the eight-day celebration. Each stamp‘s two-page spread features spectacular design and unique tactile treatments where you can actually feel the wax seals or experience an out-of-this-world soft touch of outer space on the planets page. Join the fun in the form of Augmented Reality (AR) — it’s waiting to be discovered. Download the free USPS AR app at onto a mobile device, launch the USPS AR app, hold the phone or tablet over the bracketed image, and watch the image spring to digital life with music, video, nature, conversation, and so much more. The World Stamp Show Portfolio features:

n 20 pages plus cover and spiral binding that enables a lay-flat format.

n Custom sleeves for each stamp pane.

n Augmented Reality experiences.

n Special tactile coatings and varnishes.

n One pane of 20 World Stamp Show-NY 2016 Forever stamps.

n One pane of 24 World Stamp Show-NY 2016 Forever stamps folio.

n One pane of 10 Repeal of the Stamp Act, 1766 Forever stamps.

n One pane of 12 The Service Cross Medals Forever stamps.

n One Souvenir Sheet of four Pluto-Explored! Forever stamps.

n One pane of 16 Views of Our Planets Forever stamps.

n One Souvenir Sheet of six Classics Forever stamps.

n One pane of 16 National Parks Forever stamps.

n One booklet of 20 Colorful Celebrations stamps.

n A 2016 World Stamp Show Tote bag.

Coming Soon in December! Our most popular Holiday gifts — The 2016 Stamp Yearbook and The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps – 43rd Edition.

2016 Stamp Yearbook

Celebrate the year in stamps with The 2016 Stamp Yearbook. Legendary entertainers, historic milestones, technology advancement — the 2016 stamp program reflects those moments and people that define American life. The 64-page hardcover stamp yearbook includes:

n 53 stamps from the 2016 collectible program plus mounts.

n Lively stories and smart facts surrounding each stamp subject.

n Historic photographs and beautiful imagery related to each issue.

n Placeholders throughout the book for preserving the stamps.

n Packaged in a protective sleeve.

The 2016 Stamp Yearbook is a great gift that relives the year in stamps and celebrates our nation’s culture. The 2016 Stamp Yearbook sells for $64.95 (Item 991600). The Mail-Use Stamp Packet (Item 991604) contains 88 stamps plus mounts and sells for $45.95. The High-value Stamp Packet (Item 991606) contains three stamps plus mounts and sells for $32.95. You can order online from The Postal Store® at or eBay at, via the USA Philatelic catalog, or by calling 800-782-6724 (800-STAMP-24).

Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps


The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps – 43rd Edition presents 171 years of U.S. stamps, from the Postmasters’ Provisionals of 1845, through the final issuance of 2016. Fresh new content, beautiful high-resolution imagery, and updated values accompany stamps and postal stationary from across the Postal archive. With pockets, areas for personal notes, sturdy construction, and a lay-flat format, the Guide is an invaluable U.S. stamp reference:

n New copy and art illustrates the Postmasters’ Provisionals of 1845-47.

n A handsome new design and a highly functional format bring new clarity for each stamp listing, and a much improved user experience for collectors.

n The 2016 stamp program is included with first-day-of-issue details.

n The anecdotal narrative introduces each era of the U.S. stamp program.

n Includes colorful tabs for easy chapter references, an expanded resource section, a glossary explaining important philatelic and postal terms, and more.

The Postal Service Guide to U.S. Stamps – 43rd Edition sells for $39.95 (Item 891600).