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Premium Forwarding Service Residential: Make Sure Your Mail Goes with You

The Postal Service offers Premium Forwarding Service Residential® (PFS-Residential®), a personalized service for reshipping mail from a primary residential address (or PO Box, with certain restrictions) to a temporary address using Priority Mail® Service with USPS Tracking® Service. PFS-Residential is perfect for residential customers going away from home from 2 weeks up to 1 year, such as “Snowbirds,” executives on temporary assignments, students, and individuals with an extended family care situation or who are away on an extended vacation.

Benefits include:

n Customers do not miss important mail while they are away.

n A customer’s permanent address does not change, and the Postal Service never provides temporary address information to senders.

n All of the customer’s mail reaches them, most of it via Priority Mail Service with USPS Tracking. For more information about what mail must be reshipped immediately at no additional charge and not held for the weekly Priority Mail reshipments (e.g., Priority Mail Express® and Registered Mailitems), see Mailing Standards of the United States Postal Service, Domestic Mail Manual (DMM®).

n Customers can depend on Post Office weekly mailings, which go out every Wednesday on a regular schedule.

PFS-Residential is not available for the following types of addresses:

n Business addresses.

n APO, FPO, and DPO addresses.

n Single-point delivery addresses such as RV parks, hospitals, hotels, and U.S. Department of State addresses.

n Size 3, Size 4, or Size 5 PO Box addresses (customers with a Size 1 or Size 2 PO Box listed as the primary address are eligible for PFS-Residential, but must apply at a retail location rather than online).

Customers can apply for PFS-Residential at their primary address by going to their local Post Office or by applying online at

Retail Application/Payment

Customers must pay a nonrefundable application fee and reshipment charge per week for each week of service requested. If for any reason the customer requests early termination of a PFS-Residential order, the Postal Service can refund unused weekly reshipment charges to the customer.

Online Application/Payment

A customer who enrolls in PFS-Residential using the online application must pay the application fee by credit card. The Postal Service will use the customer’s designated credit card to process a weekly recurring reshipment charge. Customers who enroll in PFS-Residential using the online application must pay the nonrefundable application fee and weekly reshipment fee when they submit the application. Customers may stop future weekly reshipment charges by logging onto their USPS® account and canceling the PFS-Residential order.

Refer to Notice 123, Price List, for the application fee (sometimes referred to as the “enrollment fee”) and the weekly reshipment charge.