Information Security

New Mandate on Limited ACE Access for Contractors Beginning January 8, 2018

On behalf of the Corporate Information Security Office (CISO), starting January 8, 2018, all new contractors assigned an ACE ID must complete all required fiscal year (FY) 2018 CyberSafe training before gaining access to the ACE environment.

Immediately upon assignment of an ACE ID, we will place new contractors under limited ACE system access*. Postal Service™ managers will receive the following notifications from eAccess:

n The new contractor’s assigned ACE ID,

n LMS course enrollment, and

n Course completion.

If you are a Postal Service employee who manages contractors, please notify all new contractors of this process. Watch for the auto-generated emails coming from eAccess with information about new contractors’ ACE system access.

If you are a new contractor, you will not be able to access the full ACE environment until you complete all CyberSafe courses. If you have questions about this new mandate, send an email to For general information about security training courses, visit the Security training page at

*When new contractors enter the ACE environment, they will have limited ACE system access. They will only be able to access the LMS Portal for course completion. Furthermore, if they have remote access to the USPS® network, they will not be able to request access to any ACE applications in eAccess until completion of required courses.