Making things simpler is at the heart of a positive customer experience. We’re applying that concept to our products and services, our customer-facing interactions and our internal systems and processes.

In FY2011, the Postal Service continued its highly successful Flat Rate shipping campaign “If it fits, it ships,” which makes it easy for customers — no weighing, no guessing about cost.

This past year also saw the elimination at the Post Office of the standard products/services speech the clerk was required to make to customers, offering a quicker and simpler customer experience.

We also announced that all new commemorative stamps would be “Forever” stamps, a highly popular change.

stamp of barbara jordan

Our new Every Door Direct Mail product makes things simpler for small businesses, allowing them to choose the streets they want their mail delivered to, rather than the specific addresses.

Based on feedback from business partners and customers in 2011, the Postal Service is making its mail preparation rules and assessments much simpler and more predictable. Starting in 2012, we will issue only two major software releases a year that cover the structure of postage statements and electronic documentation.

USPS is also establishing a regular schedule of minor software releases and facility profile updates, giving interested customers at least six months lead-time for major releases.

Making things simple and convenient is often hard for an organization to do, but it is what every customer wants. We understand that and are focused on improving our customers’ experience by eliminating complexity and making access to our products and services as convenient as possible.

We believe this will result in a stronger, more profitable organization that new customers will be drawn to, and one that existing customers will return to again and again.