Compensation and Benefits

In FY2013, pay and bonuses for non-bargaining employees, including officers and executives, remained frozen. This was the sixth consecutive year that compensation for executive officers has been impacted by either a freeze in salary and/or a non-payment of performance lump sums.

Employee performance monitoring remains a part of the Postal management system. Employees set goals annually and individual performance is reviewed at mid-and end-of-the-fiscal year. No pay increases are currently associated with this process.

Executive Compensation.

Total Compensation in Excess of Federal Executive Level 1 Compensation ($199,700 in last full Calendar Year, 2012).


Executive name

CY12 amount in Excess of level 1
of the executive schedule

Drew T. Aliperto


Megan J. Brennan


Ellis A. Burgoyne


Joseph Corbett


Patrick R. Donahoe


Jo Ann Feindt


Mary A. Gibbons


Dean J. Granholm


Ronald A. Stroman


Anthony J. Vegliante


Paul E. Vogel *


David C. Williams *


* Includes annuity paid by Office of Personnel Management

Note: Provided in compliance with Title 39, Section 3686(d) which requires
compensation in last full calendar year.