2-6 Return Receipt — PS Form 3811

2-6.1 General Information

Return receipt service provides a mail owner with evidence of delivery (to whom the mail was delivered and the date of delivery). A return receipt also provides the recipient’s actual delivery address if it is different from the address used by the sender. A return receipt may be requested before or after mailing. A mailer purchasing return receipt service at the time of mailing may choose to receive the return receipt by U.S. mail or electronically. A mailer who receives the return receipt by mail receives the actual signature on PS Form 3811, Domestic Return Receipt. A return receipt received electronically provides the mailer with a PDF file of a Proof of Delivery letter that includes a copy of the recipient’s signature. Electronic return receipts requested at the time of mailing are also available in bulk (see chapter 4 for more information).

Return receipt service requires use of one of the following classes or domestic services:

  1. Certified Mail.
  2. Collect on delivery (COD).
  3. Express Mail (not available with electronic return receipt).
  4. Insured mail (if insured for more than $200).
  5. Registered Mail.