4-6.2 Proof of Delivery Letter Format

4-6.2.1 PDF Format

The Postal Service extracts mailpiece delivery data and associated signature and address images for participating mail owners. Then letter facsimiles of delivery records are produced and presented to the mail owner or third-party designee in Adobe PDF format. Bulk proof of delivery customers have the option to receive their records grouped in one of two ways:

  1. Combined Records: In this option, multiple proof of delivery letters are aggregated into a single PDF file. This option includes a Table Of Contents file.
  2. Individual Records: In this option, each proof of delivery letter is received as an individual PDF file. There is no Table of Contents file included in this option. All individual PDF files are compressed using a .tar extension.

The mail owner selects one of these two options when completing PS Form 5053, Bulk Proof of Delivery Application. The mail owner uses Adobe Acrobat Reader to select the PDF file and display the record (see Exhibit 4-6.2.1). Mail owners can download Adobe Acrobat Reader at www.adobe.com/products/acrobat.

Exhibit 4-6.2.1 

Sample Letter Facsimile in PDF Format