Beginning the EEO Process in a Timely Manner

To begin the precomplaint process, you must contact the Postal Service Equal Employment Opportunity Office using the central toll-free telephone number within 45 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory action, or in the case of a personnel action, within 45 calendar days of the effective date of the action. See 29 CFR 1614.105. The central telephone number is:

888-EEO-USPS (888-336-8777)
TTY: 888-325-2914

When you call, an automated answering system will ask you to give your name, social security or employee identification number, home (mailing) address, telephone number, and finance number. A packet of information that includes PS Form 2564-A, Information for Precomplaint Counseling, will be mailed to you.

Once you receive and read the information packet, you should decide if you want to move forward with the complaint process. If you decide to do so, you should send back all relevant forms within 10 calendar days after you received them to the address listed in your information packet. After you return the forms, an EEO Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Specialist will contact you and continue the precomplaint process as described in this booklet.

If you fail to return the forms within 10 calendar days of receiving them, the EEO office may close the precomplaint process because the EEO ADR Specialist does not have enough information to process your counseling request.